The Following Transactions can be done at the Registration Centers

1-Registration of new voters.
2-Placing objections against a person registered in your electoral area.
3-Transfer from one electoral area to another.
4-Corrections in name, NIN and Date of Birth.

The Register of Voters remains open to the public throughout the year for inspection.  



Qualifications required for a person to register as a voter are as follows-:

A Person who:

(a) Is a citizen of Seychelles,

(b) Is 18 years or over,

(c) Resides in an electoral area,

(d) Is not registered as voter in another electoral area,

(e) Is not disqualified from registering as a voter under any written law,

(f) Is not serving a sentence of imprisonment of or exceeding 6 months imposed by a Court in Seychelles,

(g) Is not under any written law adjudged (decided officially by law) or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind 

(h) Is in possession of a valid ID Card.


Requirement for Registration

(a) National Identity Card with ID Photo

(b) Marriage Certificate; where a change of name should be effected.

(c) Divorce Certificate; where a change of name should be effected.

(d) Naturalization Certificate; where a person who has become a Seychelles citizen applies to be register as a voter.

(e) Birth Certificate; where there is a discrepancy in the spelling of the voter’s name.

The Electoral Commission is advising all citizens turning 18 this year that they need to personally register their names on the Register of Voters in their respective electoral areas. Names of citizens turning 18 will not automatically appear on the Register of Voters. It is imperative that they register for their names to appear on the Register of Voters according to the qualifications and requirements stipulated according to the Elections Act Chapter 68A and Elections (Amendment) Act, 2014.

The Office of the Electoral Commission is calling on all eligible voters to take their responsibility and participate in the registration exercise.