Right to vote

Every person registered as a voter in an electoral area is entitled to vote, in accordance with the Act, at an election or at a referendum.

How to Vote

  • Go to the polling station in the electoral area where you are registered to vote
  • When you enter the polling Station, you will be guided straight to the Assistant Electoral Officer (AEO).
  • The AEO will check if you have not voted already by verifying if there is no indelible ink on your left thumb nail and/or invisible ink on your forefinger.
  • You will then identify yourself to the AEO by calling your name in such a tone for the election personnel, candidates, polling agents to hear and produce your National Identity Card or any other I.D. to the AEO.
  • When your name has been found on the Electoral Register, the AEO will call out the page number, the serial number and your particulars/polling agents to hear.
  • A second AEO will then put indelible marking on the base of your fingernail or left thumb, invisible ink on the left forefinger and perforate/stamp a ballot paper and hand this over to you and advise you to and advise you to proceed to any vacant polling booth.
  • In the polling booth you will make a mark, with the felt-marker, in the box provided on the ballot paper, against the name of the Presidential candidate of your choice or National assembly candidates.
  • You will then fold the ballot paper conveniently so as not to reveal your choice and then move out of the polling booth.
  • You will then be directed towards the ballots box in which you will drop your ballot paper where all can see and leave the polling station